In addition to core courses in economic sociology and international political economy, I can offer interdisciplinary courses exploring more targeted topics on markets, organizations and laws covering different national contexts and areas of the economy. In particular, a course I designed, “Cultural Codes of Global Capitalism”, has its starting point in the moral denouncement of ‘price gouging’ on hand sanitizers and medical masks during the Covid-19 pandemic, and explores how societal norms and cultural codes configure markets. As the primary instructor for my department’s Graduate Research Seminar for Second Years, I am also prepared to guide students at different levels through research design and analysis.

In addition to my role as instructor, I have also acted as a teaching assistant to a number of classes, including “Sociology of Organizations” and “Business History of the late 20th Century to Today”, and received pedagogical training through the Teaching Certificate Program at Northwestern University.

A sample of classes I can teach

Intoduction to International Political Economy

Introduction to International Political Economy.docx

A Research Seminar for PhD Students

Sociol 490 syllabus .docx

Undergraduate level: "Cultural Codes of Global Capitalism"

Cultural Codes of Global Capitalism.docx

Graduate Level: "Law and Global Capitalism"

The Contemporary Legal Transplants.docx