I am a Buffett Institute Global Impacts Graduate Fellow and a PhD candidate in Sociology at Northwestern University. My research broadly investigates how academic ideas and policy expert networks shape formal government actions, such as corporate bankruptcy, anti-monopoly and environmental protection laws and policies, and how these in turn structure corporate organizations and economic behaviors. With a comparative, multi-method approach (archival, interview and statistical), I integrate the sociology of markets, organizations and expertise with international political economy of laws and policies.

My dissertation studies competition (antitrust) laws, which are the main “rules of the game” for businesses competing in market economies. I explore how these rules have changed in the last four decades to sustain problems of corporate bigness and monopolization under the increasing liberalization and connectedness of national markets, and what roles intellectual ideas, business interest representation and globally connected expert groups played in these changes. This research is based on extensive archival research in the US, over 100 interviews with competition law and policy experts around the world, and multiple forms of original quantitative data on competition law enforcement in four national jurisdictions (the US, the EU, Mexico and Turkey). This research has been supported by the Buffett Institute for Global Affairs and the Equality Development and Globalization Studies (EDGS) Program.

I will be serving as the Student Representative in the ASA Economic Sociology Section Council for the 2020-2021 academic period. I have also been the Student Coordinator for the Global Capitalism and Law Research Group in Northwestern Weinberg College for two years, and a Graduate Fellow at Comparative Historical Social Sciences Program, the Center for Legal Studies Program and Keyman Turkish Studies Program at Northwestern since 2014.

My previous projects have been published in the Annual Review of Law and Social Science, and International Journal of Law in Context.