Carruthers, Bruce G., and Melike Arslan. “The Future in the Present: Social, Legal and Organizational Foundations of Long-Term Environmental Action”

With Bruce Carruthers (Northwestern University), we develop a new analytical framework to motivate long-term environmental protection policies. Policymakers often use the economic ‘discounting method’ to make inter-temporal choices over how current resources are invested in long-term protection projects whose benefits we will reap only in the next generations. We argue that this method fails to adequately capture the value of future outcomes and generate sufficient investment into long-term environmental security. Instead, we propose to model environmental policy decisions on successful legal and organizational long-term planning examples, such as familial and charitable trusts and estates and patient capital.

Foster, Chase, and Melike Arslan. “Business Power and State Aid: Investment Subsidies in Comparative Perspective”

With Chase Foster (Technical University of Munich), we investigate the relationship between business power and state and local investment incentives in the U.S. and E.U. Specifically, we use a combination of quantitative analysis of the distribution of corporate subsidies and qualitative case studies of select subsidy arrangements to provide new insight on the relationship between business power and public subsidies and whether and how state aid rules shape this relationship. We also compare the politics of mobile investment incentives in the U.S. to those in the E.U., where they are limited by state aid and other regulatory law. This project is funded by the Anti-Monopoly Fund Research Grant by the Economic Security Project.